Why is Hemp Oil good for Dogs?

If your dog isn’t getting hemp oil infused dog treats, they're missing out.

Hemp oil belongs in the diet of most dogs. Here's 6 good reasons why.

Let’s be clear about why.


      #1 Hemp Contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)

Hemp oil infused pet treats are rich in Gamma-Linolenic Acid (or GLA), an important fatty acid.


A 2006 study reported that GLA-rich diets boost immune function.

Plus GLA stimulates apoptosis (cancer cell death) … and it can stop some types of tumors from growing.

GLA reduces chronic inflammation in your dog. Chronic inflammation leads to cell damage and a weakened immune system. (More on inflammation coming up.)

GLA can also minimize the side effects of conventional cancer drugs.

#2 Hemp Is Rich In Omega-3 Fats


In fact … hemp oil infused dog treats contains the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-6 (linoleic acid) to omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid) fatty acids.

Remember I said I’d get back to inflammation? Here’s how it works …

Omega-6 and omega-3 fats work together to control inflammation in the body. So it’s important to balance these fats.

  • Too much omega-6 turns on the hormones that raise inflammation


#3 Hemp Is Loaded With Antioxidants


Hemp oil infused pet treats contains vitamin E and vitamin A (carotene).

These are antioxidants that help the immune system by fighting free radical damage.

Free radicals happen when your dog absorbs toxins … from things like vaccines, drugs, chemicals, pesticides, processed foods and pollution.

The build-up of free radicals is called oxidative stress. It builds up like rust in your dog’s body and damages his cells, proteins, and DNA.

But antioxidants help keep free radicals under control and prevent the disease and premature aging they can cause.

Antioxidants also increase natural killer cells in your dog’s immune system which helps your dog fight disease.

Vitamin E can also benefit your dog’s skin, eyes, heart, cognitive function, and immune system. And vitamin A supports immunity, eyes, skin and can help prevent urinary stones and fight cancer.


#4 Hemp Contains Phospholipids


Hemp oil infused pet treats contain phospholipids are molecules that form part of the outer membrane of cells in the body. They help the cell maintain its internal structure and environment … called homeostasis.

A 2012 study in Germany looked at the effects of dietary phospholipids and found they help:

  • Manage inflammation and arthritis pain
  • Reduce gastric acid
  • Inhibit tumor growth in cancer
  • Lower cardiovascular disease risks
  • Improve cognitive disorders and brain health
  • Boost immune function
  • Repair liver damage

#5 Hemp Is Rich In Minerals

One of the main benefits of hemp oil infused pet treats are the minerals and trace minerals.

This is important because most dogs are deficient in trace minerals!

Here are some examples of minerals that are commonly missing in dogs (and the problems it can cause):

  • Copper deficiency
    • Bone and joint disease
    • Poor coat color
    • Ligament and tendon issues
  • Manganese deficiency
    • Reproductive issues
    • Skin and hair abnormalities
    • Bond and joint development issues
  • Selenium deficiency
    • Low immunity
    • Muscle cramping
    • Low stress tolerance
  • Iron deficiency
    • Poor growth
    • Anemia
  • Zinc deficiency
    • Fertility issues
    • Bone and joint problems
    • Decreased healing of wounds

Hemp is rich in most trace minerals … but fish oil is devoid of these critical nutrients.

Plus …

#6 Hemp Oil Is Safer Than Fish Oil

Hemp oil infused dog treats are safe.  There are no reported side effects from using hemp oil for dogs. That’s something you can’t say about fish oil. And that’s because …

Hemp Is Stable

Fish oil is processed with heat. This makes the fat unstable. It can turn rancid very easily … and rancid oil can cause inflammation in your dog.

Since one of the main reasons to give dogs fish oil is to manage inflammation … that’s a problem!

Hemp oil is cold-pressed, making it more stable than fish oil. So it’s less likely to oxidize or become rancid.


When NOT To Use Hemp Oil For Dogs

Hemp oil with chicken and other poultry is a bad combination. So if you feed your dog mainly poultry, you’ll want to avoid hemp oil.

That’s because both hemp and poultry are high in polyunsaturated fats. So giving both makes the fats in your dog’s diet unbalanced.

So when you feed chicken, use flaxseed oil or give whole, oily fish like sardines or mackerel instead. They’ll help round out the fats in your dog’s diet.

But it’s great to use hemp oil when you feed ruminant meats like beef, bison, lamb, goat, or venison … or if you combine ruminant with poultry.

How Much Hemp Oil Do I Give My Dog?

Use once daily.
Small animals under 10Kg use 1/4 of the dropper.
Medium animals 10 - 25Kg use 1/2 of the dropper
Large animals > 25Kg us the full dropper.
Add directly to food or insert dropper into mouth and squirt into dogs mouth.

One word of caution: if you cook for your dog-don’t cook with hemp oil. It’s unstable at high temperatures and heat can make it toxic.

So … add the oil after cooking!

Cannabis sativa actually means “useful hemp” in Latin.