Benefits of Hemp Dog Treats

By now you’ve probably heard about the many health benefits of cannabinoid (CBD) from hemp seeds for humans, but did you know that the cannabinoid (CBD) can have positive effects for dogs, too? Cannabinoid (CBD) for dogs can help with a variety of scenarios.



Recent research suggests that dogs have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors in their brains than humans. This generally means that the effects of cannabinoid (CBD) can be even more broadly felt when the compound is used by your dog. PROMISE Hemp Treats contain the correct dose of cannabinoids to have optimum effect for dogs of all sizes.  

What Is Cannabinoid (CBD)?

Hemp plants contain cannabinoids, extracted from the hemp seeds of the hemp plant.  Cannabinoids do not cause a feeling of being high or have any mind altering affects.  Cannabinoids work by modulating the behaviour for receptors in the brain to reduce anxiety and stress.  Hemp plants have THC levels below 0.3% too low to cause a 'high' feeling.  

Cannabis plants on the other hand are the ones that have high THC levels between 5-35 percent.  THC is the psychoactive compound that causes a mind altering feeling of being high. 

Due to the low THC levels Hemp is legal, safe and easy to grow, requires little water, no pesticides and minimal care, making it ideal for Australian climates.


Final Thoughts About CBD and Your Dog

  • Hemp Plant protein and cannabinoid (CBD) extracted from the hemp plant contains 0.3 percent THC or less so there is no mind altering high feeling.
  • After rewarding your dog with PROMISE Hemp treats or SPRINKLES it will take about 30 minutes for them to feel the effects.