It's The Source That Counts

When you try PROMISE pet treats, we want you to know our environmental foot print in the production of PROMISE pet treats is lower than others.  

    We believe in sourcing organic, raw, fresh, wholefoods and drying it using cold processing, where there's no heating or cooking. Our cattle are pasture raised, no drenching, no chemicals, no grains.
    All our product is hand made close to where the food is grown, no colours, no additives, no preservatives, in small batches.  
    We have the lowest CO2 emissions, our transportation of PROMISE pet treats is straight from our home to your door.
    Unlike industrial production of animals in feedlots, we care about how animals are raised and looked after.


Aerial photo taken back in April 2016 to show people the vast area amassing the Channel Country, from where the unique flavours of PROMISE Pet Treats arise.
While organic whole food is more expensive, because there is a lot more time and care taken to grow cleaner, healthier animals, we believe buying PROMISE pet treats is worth it and better than any mass produced industrial made pet treat. We believe it is worth paying a little more for better quality, in the long run it will pay off, for your pet's health and wellbeing as well as for the environment.  You can tell industrial mass produced factory made pet treats because they are rubbery and all the same shape and size.  


Switch to PROMISE pet treats today, enjoy the difference,
Feed Great, Feel Great!