Ethical Farmers Help The Environment

While we aren't all animal activists and vegans many of us, including our pets, like to eat meat. In doing so though we care about all animals and where our food comes from and we want to know that our meat has been raised by ethical farmers.  Knowing the farmer and the farm our food has come from is becoming increasingly more important.  We aim to develop a relationship with the food, the farmer and farm to create a more holistic approach to food consumption, leading to greater trust and credibility.

The impact our choices have is measured by our ethics and the carbon foot print each of our families leave.  The amount of waste we generate, the volume of carbon emissions we generate, all our decisions have an impact on the environment we live in and form the social fabric we are part of.  Everyone can try to make better choices.

Ethical farming and humanely sourced food means treating nature and all animals with equal care and respect, for we all share the land we occupy. Indigenous communities have done this for millions of years with their love, respect and belonging to country.  They have a belonging of country that extends to all animals, wildlife and plants, including the landscape and geology where they live, which forms their identity.   You will see ethical farmers have the same philosophy, to look after the land we occupy, including all animals that occupy the land with us.

We all want to make better choices with the food we select to reduce pollution and to reduce chemicals that pollute waterways and to avoid making people and other animals sick.  By making better choices we can make a difference.

At PROMISE Pet Treats we only source the best tasting food that's dense and full of nutrition, made from happy cows, pasture raised, free to roam in open lush paddocks.  From farms that use no chemicals and sprays.

We love all animals and only source food from farms where all animals are proven to have been treated humanely over their whole life.  

Our cows don’t stand in mud and manure or kept in confined pens and feedlots.  They aren't fed grain and other unnatural food.  They are looked after and treated humanely.

Everything we do is how nature intended it.  The benefit of selecting healthy cows roaming freely, that have been humanely sourced and raised is the flavours are going to be richer, the aromas are stronger and the taste and nutrition is so much better. 

The organic certification of all ingredients ensures sustainable, humanely raised and sourced.  All our farms and supply chain is rigorously audited for compliance against the ACO standards.

When you buy PROMISE Dog Treats you’re not just looking after ALL animals.  

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