What's the Best Grain Free Beef Liver Treats?

PROMISE Grain Free Pet Treats means no GRAIN is fed to animals.  We believe cows are designed to eat grass, not grains.  What's important to PROMISE is using only humanely sourced and raised food.

The soil our cows graze on is rich and fertile with the most nourishing health benefits for the animal.  The location of the farms avoids any risk of chemical drift from crop spraying.  We treat our animals better than humans, so they are raised stress free in harmony with the environment. 

We only use QUALITY raw meat made from human grade livers.  The size of the HEMP bites will impress compared to a thin chewy stiff air dried treat. Your pet will taste and enjoy the difference.

Our farmers in the Channel Country use no pesticides, no drenching and animals absolutely love the Australian outback, where there's no fences, they're free to roam.  Fed only native grasses, unique to the Australian landscape.  The happiest healthiest cows in the world.

When your pet bites into a PROMISE treat you can be sure of maximum flavour and aromas similar to fresh raw food.  Freeze Dried PROMISE treats can be placed under water to expand and increase the weight and soften the bite.  Our Freeze dried treats are the equivalent of 3 x their weight of raw meat.