Love & Good Mood Natural DogTreats

We PROMISE much better ingredients in PROMISE Dog Treats because we only source humanely raised 100% Australian Organic ingredients packed with flavour and freshness.  We searched the country for a human grade Australian Organic Chamomile to use in our premium HEMP SPRINKLES.  It costs a little more to use 100% Australian Organic ingredients, but we think your dog is worth it!

Your best furry friend can be assured of maximum flavour and aromas without any pesticides and GMO's, grown from the best soil in the world - Pristine Tasmanian.  

Our social responsibility is to support Australian growers and avoid using cheap imported ingredients. Learn more about where our Australian grown herbs are used by visiting our Farmers Website.

The benefits of Chamomile are well known for your dogs health to reduce anxiety and calm them before travel or when you are leaving home for work. Chamomile helps with digestive health, mental health (anxiety), inflammation, skin irritation and relaxing muscles