MY DOG HAS ITCHY SKIN! - Are food allergies to blame?


If your dog has itchy skin or their skin smells then they could have skin problems. 

Skin issues range from mild and occasional through to chronic ongoing, constant irritation. None of these should be ignored.

There are whole variety of skin conditions that could be affecting your pet such as:

  •   flea allergy
  •   contact allergy
  •   acute moist dermatitis (hot spot)
  •   allergic dermatitis
  •   bacterial skin infection
  •   hay fever

Are food allergies to blame?

Dogs can suffer food allergies and food sensitivities just like humans. This usually results in being itchy all over, especially after eating certain types of foods containing the offending ingredient.

Wheat and corn are common allergens; grains also take a long time to be digested and contribute to inflammation. Itching is due to inflamed skin so it make sense to feed a diet that reduces, not contributes to inflammation.

Food and skin allergies

To have healthy skin, dogs should be fed a balanced diet of raw wholefoods. Fresh foods are nourishing to the skin because they have not been processed. Most processed foods are cooked, and cooking destroys about 70% of any of the good nutrients. Feeding raw is therefore better than feeding cooked for most dogs. Meat and small amounts of liver (such as PROMISE Organic Beef Liver Bites and/or Sprinkles) and ground green vegetables are important to nourish the skin.


Finding healthy, raw, unprocessed whole food options

PROMISE Pet Treats could be just what you’re looking for to supplement your dog's diet and assist with improving skin health. 

PROMISE Pet Treats are a freeze-dried raw supplement. The freeze-drying process extracts the water from the raw ingredients, leaving a dry food packed with nutrients and with a long shelf life.   

PROMISE Pet Treats contain only 100% ethically sourced ingredients – so it’s free-range, high welfare, organic and based on whole foods.

What you will likely find is that after just a few weeks of supplementing your dog's food with PROMISE Pet Treats is that your dog's skin will start to look healthier.