Natural Pet Treats and the 60% rule

We often get asked what makes the best pet treat?  

We look for a number of attributes:

  • Grain Free -
  • Contains more than 60% Protein and 60% raw meat -
  • Made from 100% Natural Wholefoods -
  • No sugar, no salt or preservatives, no added flavours -
  • Freeze Dried Cold Processed to increase flavour and aroma -


Treats that use fillers such as grains, oats, vegetables, kale, sweat potato and spinach primarily used to increase product weight with little extra nutritional value and bioavailability. These are okay in pet food but a treat should be enriched with flavour that thrills your pets taste buds.


Air dried treats that have been commercially mass produced, using meat from animals kept in feedlots.  That have a criss cross pattern on them from a conveyor belt passed through a continuous heated air dry tunnel.  These treats are rubbery, flexible and have been denatured from the heated air drying process.  


Treats that don't pass the 60% test.  Less than 60% protein and less than 60% meat in any treat will be lacking important essential amino acids and flavour.  Your pet deserves the best.


Treats that are sugar free, salt free, grain free & gluten free.  The best pet treats are the ones that have great raw meat flavours and aroma.  Have more than 60% raw meat and protein to achieve the 60% rule.