PROMISE Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver Dog Treats

PROMISE Organic Beef Liver Treats are a premium product sourced from cattle that have been selected from long-established bloodlines, perfected by generations of expert pastoralists in Central Australia. In the heartland of Australia’s Lake Eyre Basin, one of the world’s great free-flowing inland river systems, cattle follow their natural instincts to roam across more than 7 million hectares of certified organic grasslands.  Freely grazing and feasting on more than 250 species of native grasses and herbaceous plants, choosing the diets that nature intended.   

These cattle are raised the organic way, which means naturally raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics, in a completely natural environment that is not tainted with chemicals or pesticides. 

PROMISE source this premium product and handcraft it using our state of art freeze dry technology to dry the Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver gently to maintain maximum nutrients, freshness and flavours. As with all of PROMISE products our Organic Beef Liver Treats are 100% natural with nothing added.  It comes in bite size pieces, which are great for a treat, reward or training aid. It is owner friendly too, keep them in the resealable packaging. Being dehydrated, there is no residue on these treats, so they can be easily handled and placed in a pouch or pocket, ready to be offered to your pet.

Doesn’t your furry friend deserve the very best organic premium treats!!  Reward your pet today with a healthy treat.