Organic Pet Treats for Dogs

Organic pet treats are much more healthier, so when it comes to your fury mate don't opt for any other treat.  Freeze Dried Organic is the best option!  Pay that little extra for better quality and know you're giving your best mate a treat that makes you their goto favourite.  

Hand crafted freeze dried liver treats weigh less in the packet but take up the same space as cheaper pet treats and when water is added weigh more than any other dog treats.  

The cold drying process is superior, no cooking occurs, raw product is fluffier, tastier, has better aromas and retains the fresh raw food flavour or the original ingredient.  Freeze Dried organic treats can actually weigh more than air dried treats by adding water to their bowl to expand the treat.  Some dogs like water added, others like them just the way they are! Au Naturale!

When water is added Freeze Dried treats soak up water to weigh more and return the same raw weight as the original raw ingredient.  Try adding water to an air dried treat and nothing will happen.  Freeze Dried Treats are porous with 3 x more nutritional value than any other dog treat.

On top of that by buying ORGANIC you are supporting environmentally sustainable farming practices, chemical free and allergy free food.  What you'll find is that your dog will get more enjoyment out of organic pet treats than product coming from industrial mass produced product.