Sustainable Living Know Your Food Love Your Food

Sustainable living and knowing your food, where it has come from, how it has been made, is extremely important to ensure everyone can live with enough food and water.  Sustainable living practices ensure we are not damaging the planet so that future generations are able to live in a toxic free environment, with less pollution, healthy soil and water supplies.

PROMISE Pet Treats is a small company but we think we can make a difference.  This is what we are doing to help the planet and to live sustainably.


Our business receives electricity from solar panels.  When the solar panels can't keep up we buy our power supplied from renewable energy resources.


Our farms use less water because the soil is better, the true saving comes from biodiversity in the land we farm and biodynamic farming.  The native plants, the trees, the grasses release carbon back into the soil.  When it rains water soaks into the top soil and the worms and natural microbes in the soil aerate and enrich the soil with nutrients from Mother Earth.  Our animals thrive off the natural native plants and grasses and fresh rain water collected in our dams and rain water tanks.  Our factories use potable water for manufacture of food, that's tested to ensure the highest quality water supply, the best Australia has to offer, free of all pathogens.


We use biodynamic farming practices. Our soil is regenerated by using natural organic fertilisers such as manures that are composted over winter and converted into hummus.  When applied over the top of the land it adds back rich microbes that create healthy soils conditioned by natural organic material.  We don't need or use any chemicals or sprays.  


While recycled water is never used to make food we do use recycles water to wash our trucks and cars and for watering lawns. Recycled water meets strict local government and EPA guidelines and is tested to ensure it's free of any pathogens.  Even when people are hosing vehicles we make sure our employees can't get ill from any use of recycled water.


We make sure our trucks and staff that travel on Australian Roads to deliver our products do so with the least amount of kilometres travelled possible.  We use warehouses that are strategically located to help achieve this goal.  We select and use transport companies that support sustainable living practices similar to our own.  

While we are only a small family owned company we know we can make a difference.


Our cardboard packaging is purchased from VISY BOARD.  All cardboard is made from sustainable forrest and recycled cardboard.


Everything we do has zero waste front of mind.  No waste going to land fill.  Any plastic used in our packaging is recyclable for use in motor vehicle manufacturing and other industries.


Our company aims to plant 150 native trees each year by donating to land care groups around Australia.


Our factories and compost bins are constructed from recycled building products.  Timber from old bridges, iron cladding from shearing sheds.  As much recycled building products possible are used to expand our operation.