Switching Your Pet to Freeze Dry Treats

Why are Pet Parents switching their furry friends to freeze dry treats?

Freeze Dry Animal Nutrition Treats are more nutritional and are raw meat treats.  No other drying method can accomplish this feature, the aromas and textures.  Air Dried Treats aren't as healthy as Freeze Dry Treats weight for weight because they are dried using heat which causes vitamins and minerals to be denatured.  Freeze Dry Single Ingredient Animal Nutrition Treats are also perfect for pets with diabetes, or pets with allergies.

Different Varieties of Freeze Dry Treats Exist

Freeze Dry Organic Treats are premium high quality treats.  Always check the nutritional panel to determine the fat content and protein content of any freeze dry food.  Some freeze dry products are high in fat and low in protein.  

The best treats are organic single ingredient animal protein as dogs and cats are carnivores and enjoy the ancestral and stoneage tradition of nose to tail eating from hunting.

Premium pet treats have a high protein content greater than 60%.  Always consider the source of the food; is the food organic verse grown with manufactured fertilisers, or synthetic chemicals to control pesticides or weeds.  If buying an animal protein consider whether the animals have been fed grains or are 100% grass fed.  Grain fed cattle are fed in penned feedlots to increase fat marbling in meat and will have a much higher fat content.  Grass fed meat is a brighter colour.

Why Switching from Air Dry to Freeze Dry Treats is Better

Whether it's humans or animals it is hard to break old and less healthy habits.  When switching to Freeze Dry Animal Nutrition Treats and more healthy treats you are reconditioning the taste and flavours your pet is use to.  Any new treat is a new experience.  In general try adding water to the treat in a bowl to bulk up the food and make it easier to digest and enjoy.  Every pet is different.  Some pets will like a treat by itself for enhanced flavour and enjoyment, others will like water to be added. What's more look for what a farm's product is being sourced from.  Get to meet the farmers.

Why Freeze Dry Treats are packed in 50g bags

In every 50 gram bag there is between 200 and 250 grams of real wholefood used to make 50 grams of treats.  A 50 gram bag should last at least one to two weeks.  Freeze Dry Animal Nutrition Treats are not cooked, they are 100% raw meat that can be stored in the pantry.  From paddock to plate some treats have a unique provenance and help benefit the planet through use of sustainable farming practices.