Thyroid Problems in Dogs


Are common for dogs.  If your dog brings up water or bile there’s a chance they have an upset stomach due to some sort of thyroid problem. In many instances, this results in what looks like your dog throwing up water, or the vomiting of clear liquid.2 The thyroid regulates a dog’s body metabolism. In the case of hypothyroidism, the thyroid isn’t active enough, which can cause a dog to vomit after drinking water.

Other of hypothyroidism include a balding coat, excessive shedding, a substantially reduced heart rate, and lethargy.3 

You don’t need to panic if you have a dog throwing up water once in a while. They might simply be doing it because they drank too quickly. But if this vomiting appears to be a chronic problem, try raw freeze dried beef liver treats that have superb vitamins and minerals to improve thyroid and digestive health.