Vitamin B for Dogs & Cats

PROMISE BEEF LIVER treats have more natural vitamins than any food on the planet, with the added benefit of high protein, all from raw meat, freeze dried for use as a treat or as a topper to enhance flavour and add nutrients.

Sufficient amounts of B-vitamins are essential for the metabolism and vitality because they are important for the nerves, mucous membranes and the skin.

PROMISE BEEF LIVER is high in Vitamin-B-Complex containing a balanced combination of all B-vitamins to support the nerves of stressed dogs and cats and to prevent a lack of Vitamin B.

In case of a vitamin B deficiency pets tend to eat faeces and constantly scratch their skin.

Especially young and breed animals need higher levels of B-vitamins. Biotin in Beef Liver contributes towards a healthy skin and a shiny coat. Choline in Beef Liver supports the lipometabolism and liver function.