Reduce Heart Problems With HEMP Treats

Low THC hemp has been around for many years and has a wide range of uses including oil, fibre and protein for use in dog food.  Everything about hemp treats for dogs is legal and safe.  Sale of low THC hemp was legalised for human consumption in Australia in 2017 and is a great addition for a healthy diet.  Hemp for pet treats is made from hemp seeds and has no narcotic effect because the cannabinol level in the seed is so low.  

Hemp seeds are a great addition to your pets diet because they have a complete amino acid profile and are also gluten free!  Hemp seeds contain omega 6 and 9 fatty acids that dogs can't make but need for energy and heart health.  Harvard University studies show Omega 6 is good for the heart.

The whole Hemp seed also contains up to 20-25% protein to support muscle and bone development, 20-30% carbohydrates for energy, and 10-15% fibre for healthy stools. Hemp infused with beef liver is a versatile alternative to fish and has become quite a popular “superfood” for dogs to enjoy.

 Organic beef liver infused with hemp contains Omega 6, ideal for pets with heart problems and loose stools.